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Personal Growth in 7 Easy Steps

Personal Growth in 7 Easy Steps

The New Year is upon us! This means many of us are taking a look at ourselves and are asking, “How can I be better? How can I have more? How can I make adjustments in my life that will benefit me as a person, in my personal, family life and in my professional life?”

Personal growth is beneficial any time, but when you’re standing on the precipice of a new calendar year, it feels even more monumental. Naturally we spend this time reviewing our past successes and failures and we begin to look to new opportunities.

Do you want to grow as a person this new year? If you answered ‘yes’, let’s review the seven steps to personal growth and change.


1. Take Stock in Your Present

What’s going on in your life right now? Think about a typical day and how it unfolds for you. Think about a work or school day. Think about a weekend day. List the things you do on a typical day.

It might look something like this:

-Wake up at 6:15 am. Drink a cup of coffee.
-Take a shower, get ready for work.
-Work all day
-Get home and cook dinner
-Watch TV
-Go to bed around 10pm


2. Evaluate Your Day

Armed with your list of how your day typically unfolds, make judgements about each piece. On a scale of 1-10, one being not so great and ten being fantastic, rate each task. Anything that’s a seven to a ten is probably something that should stick around. The middle numbers might be things that you don’t love doing but are necessities. The lower numbers, though – the ones and twos – need evaluation.

What is it about those things that are possibly contributing to your overall dissatisfaction with your life or with one aspect of your life?


3. Envision a Ten

Take those ones and twos and imagine them now as best case scenarios. Envision them as a ten on your scale.

For example, let’s say the fact that every night after work you come home, you don’t know what to eat and you end up ordering take out – you rated as a 2. The last minute scrambling while you’re hungry is not bringing you joy, obviously. It causes you unnecessary stress, causes you to waste money and eat unhealthy.

How can you change this situation for the better?

What if you went grocery shopping once a week and planned out your meals, so each night when you get home, you already knew what you’re going to make and you already have the stuff you need to make it? It’s healthy and you are no longer wasting time, money and energy on dinner.


4. Take Stock In The Company You Keep

It may be tough to admit, but there might be people in your life who are contributing to an overall sense of unease for you. Think about the people that you interact with often. Do you let them get into your head? If so, are they doing positive things once they’re in your mind, or are they holding you back? If someone is holding you back, you may need to reevaluate your relationship with them.

Taking stock in the company you keep isn’t just about kicking people to the curb. Maybe there’s a personality type you could use more of in your life. Maybe you could use someone who is positive about your pursuit of your goals. Someone like a coach or mentor. Someone who is interested in similar hobbies or is already where you want to be in life and career. Now may be the time to clean house and start surrounding yourself with different people.


5. What Can You Obtain?

Is there something you could get which would make your life a lot easier? A membership to a yoga studio, a healthy eating plan, taking a course learning a new skill. Sometimes adding one small thing into the mix can really make an impact!


6. Evaluate Your Habits

What habits do you tend to fall into that might be holding you back? For example, if hitting the snooze button is something you do often but it always results in you running late, then what can you do to break this habit? What new habit can be created so you can have more positive mornings?


7. Embrace Discomfort

While discarding habits, working to change the energies people contribute to your life, and pursuing personal growth, you are bound to feel some level of discomfort from time to time.

Feeling any discomfort means you’re actually engaging in change and growth. Embrace discomfort because it means your new future is coming.



Ken Cheadle

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