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Individuals who inspire other individuals to grow and develop themselves, thrive. We need more leaders to inspire our generation and turn these negative stereotypes into positive actions. The world thrives on leadership, innovation, and change. The world needs these things to adapt and move forward. The world needs us… the world needs you. A handful of individuals in our generation will change the world in their own different ways, and you are one of them. Believe that. What I’m saying is that one person—okay, what I really mean is you—has everything. Everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself. The people around you realize this, and they are ready to follow if you’re ready to lead.

As our exclusive leadership tribe grows and we begin to touch more people, and our connections will lead to more connections. Can you imagine a leadership community where ideas and audiences feed off of one another to create larger impact?

Let us do the work, all you need is to get connected.


Our 3 goals in building this tribe are:

1. Connection – Connecting with other MilliLeaders just like yourself.

2. Collaboration – Building off one one another’s strengths and networks in a safe environment.

3. Co-Branding – As we Connect and Collaborate, we will be able to launch Co-Branding efforts together to utilize one another as experts in our fields. I foresee video, podcasting, and social media opportunities within our community of experts.


Unfortunately we can’t connect with everyone. But you can request access to our exclusive group of MillenniaLeaders by:

1. Downloading this PDF

2. Completing your why statement

3. E-mailing us at


Be sure to note that we will not approve applications that are not up to our standards. Please take your time and submit professionally.

We hope to see you inside!