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More Influencers, Less Antagonizers

More Influencers, Less Antagonizers

I love my country. Although I do not like the state that it’s in, I continue to pray for our leaders and our authority figures. I pray for the HEART of America to change. I pray for positive influencers over our nation.

Not that this post changes anything… It just frustrates me that this chaotic media circle that stirs the pot of social media political activism reveals the uninformed and disunited America. It’s tragic, it may never change, unless the HEART of America does.

We are such a diverse group of people, diversity is a BEAUTIFUL thing. We can either thrive on diversity or be torn apart with disunity.

Embrace DIVERSITY. Embrace those with different views and learn from other perspectives. Stand up for what you believe in by living it out with POSITIVE action and DIGNITY. Standing up for what you believe in should not come at the expense of others, but rather should be done by living an intentional and inspirational life. Nobody ever converts to ideologies, religions, or political parties through debate, but rather through great influence. The greatest leaders will lead through positive influence rather than negative cynicism. There are too many followers who follow the stream and flow of media, rather than leaders who lead and influence positive action.

If you know me well then you know I’m as authentic as they come. That my positivity greatly overwhelms any ounce of negativity that encroaches my life. That my love for God and for people is what my entire life is based off of. And that healthy anger usually overtakes me and I start to write something super positive like this! LOL

My message is simple… Be everything that we need more of in this world and less of what we don’t… Be POSITIVE, be INFLUENTIAL, and most importantly be LOVE.

In the coming months, at the very least please keep your dignity if you get political here. Not saying don’t post your views, I like hearing opinions different than my own. But be an influencer rather than an antagonizer.

When both sides are talking… neither side is listening.

When people fight fire with fire… it creates a bigger fire.

When you preach love but then spew a bunch of hate… You are part of the problem.

If you believe in something and believe everyone else should believe exactly the same thing that you do… You’re fooling yourself.

Breaking news: Trump/Hillary won’t save you. I guarantee you will do more for yourself than either of them will ever do for you. I guarantee that you can do more for your friends and family than they can do. If you don’t believe that then you are selling yourself short.

Keep positive and keep it real… But most importantly keep praying!

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Randall Garcia

Before founding MillenniaLeadership, Randall Garcia founded Creative Campaigns, a digital marketing and brand development agency. He has worked with over 500 business brands in his 7 year tenure and has also established himself as a community leader in the San Antonio, TX area by serving on the Board of Directors for the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse as Vice President. Aside from his career and community leadership experience, Randall is also a father of 2, husband, and avid basketball fan. (Twitter: @randallseang | Instagram: @randallseang | LinkedIn: