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Three Tips to Get the Salary You Deserve

Three Tips to Get the Salary You Deserve

If you are feeling underpaid and underappreciated at work, there is something you can do about it. Staying in a position where you feel you are not being treated as you deserve or paid what you’re worth can be a bad career move.

You absolutely are worth asking for more money to justify your hard work and expertise. Below are 3 tips to help you get the salary you should be receiving.

1. Learn to speak up and take credit for your work.

Maybe you are going unnoticed and you need to toot your horn a bit. Don’t hesitate to discuss your responsibilities. Feel free to even ask your manager how well you’ve been performing.


2. Ask for a salary increase.

State your case. Remind your manager of your accomplishments. Be ready to list all the things you do to excel in your position. Get ready to discuss numbers for a salary negotiation.


3. Consider the possibility that you may get your deserved salary somewhere else.

If you find your employer isn’t ready to give you the raise you’re worth, it may be time to look elsewhere. Maybe when you started your current job, you already were at a low salary. Now, that you have experience and improved skills, it may be time to look for work with a higher starting pay.

It’s time for you to realize how worthy you are in your industry. You work hard and deserve the best because you are the best. Evaluate your skill set and your track record and see if you can’t get an increase that makes you feel valued.

You may find you need some new skills to receive a higher salary and that’s okay, too. Upskilling is a good way to remain relevant and worthy.


Much success!



Ken Cheadle

Millennial Leader| Certified Career & Life Coach | Author| Speaker | Consultant | AΦA | ✈️KC to 🌎✈️ MillennialTakeOver™ #Motivator #GodGiven