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Entitlement VS Initiative

Entitlement VS Initiative

It seems like every day I see something on social or news media on entitlement… The subject itself is almost sure to spark political debates, which leaves many people not willing to speak on it.

I’ll speak on how I was raised. I’ll speak on how I have been raised to learn the value of hard work and to persevere through times of struggle. I’ll speak on how I was taught to never give up and to finish what I start. I have been taught by my wonderful parents what a commitment is, and that being a man of my word is one of the most valuable pieces to my integrity. My mother has always reminded me that hard work pays off, and I saw her live it out every single day. My father has always given me great advice, and the most important thing he ever taught me was to never give up.

Growing up I watched some of my best friends quit our high school basketball team because the off-season workouts were too hard. They apparently loved the game but hated any sacrifice required. They hated the physical growth, hated the preparation, and hated the work. I don’t even have to tell you if they finished college or not, you already know the answer… because college takes work.

In college I watched some of them quit jobs because working 20 hours a week was too many hours, yet they had plenty of time to party and play video games all day. Need I say more?

I watched many of those around me confuse their parent’s money with their own, and this has carried on with them well on into their late 20’s and early 30’s. How are they supposed to live a self-sufficient life and be financially independent if they are standing behind mom and dad well into adulthood? The entitlement mind-set starts with parent’s subsidizing their children in the form of financial assistance, which doesn’t help anybody. Readily using un-earned money that doesn’t belong to you is the same entitlement mind-set of government assistance.

I may have been in the midst of the “entitlement generation.” The people who want to work less, invest less, learn less, but never settle for less… A generation like this is HOPE-LESS.

The idea of entitlement is ultimately anti-self, a unique form of self-sabotage; and it is definitely not the philosophy or behavior of successful people, especially successful entrepreneurs.

Don’t get me wrong. I have grown up believing strongly in standards such as giving to the poor and helping those who can’t help themselves. I truly believe that society must do these things in love. But there is a fine line between helping those who can’t help themselves, and helping those who can. Those who can help themselves and choose not to are sucking the life out of everything every hard-working American with a dangerous and poisonous victim mentality of entitlement.

To live the American dream requires hard work and perseverance… It is the true American way. There is no room for anything else.

Millennials have a bad rep for entitlement, and I plan on being a part of the movement towards initiative.

“Service and gratitude will fuel your life, entitlement and expectation will poison it.”



Randall Garcia

Before founding MillenniaLeadership, Randall Garcia founded Creative Campaigns, a digital marketing and brand development agency. He has worked with over 500 business brands in his 7 year tenure and has also established himself as a community leader in the San Antonio, TX area by serving on the Board of Directors for the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse as Vice President. Aside from his career and community leadership experience, Randall is also a father of 2, husband, and avid basketball fan. (Twitter: @randallseang | Instagram: @randallseang | LinkedIn: